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We know that a car accident is unexpected, inconvenient, and  shocking. The stress, the bills, the appointments that come with a car accident... every part of it is frustrating. At the Dorian Collision Center and Body Shop, we work to maintain the value of your vehicle along with your personal safety through our professional, certified, repair processes. We take complete care of your vehicle, hopefully relieving some of the frustrations that come with a car accident.

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Why should  I choose Dorian Collision Center?

We provide  personalized, honest, family  friendly service
We will  be here for you every step of  the repair process
We work  with all insurance companies
We work  on all makes and models

We handle   all of the details concerning your claims
We provide you with  certified repairs  completed by experienced certified technicians

We have successfully  been serving the  metro Detroit area for over 50 years!

How do I go  about Getting my Car Repaired in the event of  an accident... step  by step?

1. Contact  your insurance company or agent immediately  following the accident.


2. Call Dorian Collision  Center & Body Shop to arrange towing (if  your vehicle is not in driving condition).  After-hours towing assistance is available  by calling (586) 468-6666. If your  vehicle has already been towed to a storage  lot, minimize storage  charges by moving  your vehicle to our lot as soon as possible.

3. If your insurance company  requests that you obtain an estimate of  repairs on your own, our collision center  will provide a free estimate of repairs  to assist you with your claim. We are a  direct repair service shop for many insurance  companies. This saves you valuable time  during the estimate process.

4. If your insurance company  will be writing the estimate, your claim  will be assigned an adjuster that will review  the damage to your vehicle onsite.

5. We will explain the repair process to you before  we begin, and encourage your questions and commentary  for a complete understanding of our plan.


6. You must authorize Dorian Collision Center  & Body Shop to repair your vehicle by signing  a work order before repairs can begin. This  authorization allows us to communicate with  your insurance company directly, on your  behalf, to ensure proper  repairs and  payment methods are determined.


7. Ask us to make arrangements for a shuttle  or rental vehicle for you. Your transportation  needs during this repair process are just as  important to us as making the correct manufacturer  approved repairs.


We want you  to be completely satisfied with the repairs  to your vehicle. To make sure you are, Dorian  Collision Center & Body Shop will provide  you with a LIFETIME WARRANTY  on the repairs made to your vehicle.

How Long will my Repairs  Take?

The repair time of your vehicle will  vary based upon the severity of your vehicle accident or your repair request. If our Dorian Collision  Center and Body Shop happens to be booked to capacity when you have to bring  in your vehicle, we will let you know and will let you decide whether or not you are able to wait that extra  time to get your vehicle repaired, or if you would like to take your vehicle  somewhere else. We do not want you to have to waste your precious time  or money during this stressful time.


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  • Saturday Closed
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The Dorian Collision Center & Body Shop is committed to helping you! We repair all make and model vehicles including, but not limited to: Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Lincoln, Mazda, MercuryMINI, Nissan, Pontiac, Ram, Saturn, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, and VolkswagenOnly at your local Clinton Township Collision Center.
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