SYNC and 9-1-1 Assist Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is 9-1-1 Assist

911 Assist can call for help even if you can't! If you are involved in an accident that deploys your vehicle's airbags, or activates the emergency fuel pump  shut-off,  911 Assist can use your Bluetooth-paired and connected phone  to  immediately place a call to a local 9-1-1 Operator. SYNC even communicates   the details of the accident (including the location upon request) to the Emergency Operator so that the help you need will arrive as soon as possible. After delivering the important information  to the  local 9-1-1 operator, SYNC opens up the line so that you are  able  to speak directly with the operator. 911 Assist is a feature of SYNC and is  always available  on your vehicle - even if you transfer your vehicle  to another  owner. There are no subscriptions required to use the feature, however, you do need to choose to set the feature ON prior to an accident   in order for 911 Assist to be available during the event. SYNC will   display either an icon or text reminder of its current 911 Assist ON/OFF   setting each time your vehicle connects to your phone.

How is the Voice Recognition?

The voice recognition is enhanced, making it easy to talk to SYNC 3 with simple real-world voice  commands and the system responds naturally to your voice. No more talking to your Ford SYNC in a robot voice... or shouting at it multiple times before you're understood. Controlling your phone and Bluetooth devices can now truly be as easy as saying "call Mom".

Do I have complete Music Control through the Steering Wheel?

Yes you do! Fumbling with the radio when you're driving is just too distracting. Find your favorite music faster and safer with simple voice commands. If you are listening to the radio and want to hear music from a USB-connected phone instead, just say 'play' followed by the artist or song name. It's that easy! SYNC 3 will automatically switch to your  spoken music selection without trouble.Find your favorite SiriusXM Satellite Radio stations with easy voice commands too!

How do you use SYNC AppLink?

Via SYNC AppLink, launch and voice control some of your favorite mobile apps, or access them in the organized apps section, which automatically loads SYNC-enabled apps from your paired and connected Smartphone.This allows you to utilize your phone apps hands-free while driving! Could you ask for any safer technology?
How is the LCD Screen?

The LCD touch screen has impressive functionality such as swipe and available navigation pinch-to-zoom functionality. This pinch-to-zoom is very similar to what is found on a Smartphone. SYNC 3 reacts quickly and efficiently to all of your commands.From a light tap on the LCD screen, to simple voice commands, SYNC 3 delivers noticeable high-speed performance.

How do you set up 911 Assist?

911 Assist requires both SYNC and your paired and connected mobile phone to operate.By default, the 911 Assist feature is set to OFF. You must initially enable the feature for the emergency call feature to be active. If SYNC becomes inoperable as a result of the accident, but your paired phone is still operational, SYNC will NOT interfere with your own ability to call 9-1-1 directly through your handset.

How does Siri work with SYNC 3?

There is seamless Siri integration with SYNC 3. SYNC 3 brings the power of Siri and your iPhone into your vehicle. Make or receive a call, reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, use audibly to send a 'see you there' text, have your text messages read aloud to you, and much much more!

Can you control the climate through SYNC 3?

If you are lucky enough to have a vehicle equipped with climate control. then yes, you can use your voice to set your favorite temperature. You can even use your voice to access the color touch screen to adjust the temperature with large, easy-to-use touch buttons. The climate icon appears on some vehicles at the bottom of the SYNC 3 home screen for quick and easy access.

Since everything is digital, how is it updated?

Keeping SYNC 3 current with the latest software is easy. It can happen automatically as new updates become available. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection!
911 Assist Activated  

How do I  Make an Appointment with the Experts?

Set up a SYNC SessionDo you have questions about your SYNC,  SYNC 3, MyFord Touch, or other technological device on your vehicle? Come  on  over to our service department to experience friendly, expert advice  on  the service drive at Dorian Ford  Monday through Friday from  8:00am  until 6:00pm!

Trained by Ford Motor Company, our tech team  has an extensive  knowledge of SYNC and MyFord Touch products making them  not only able,  but also qualified to answer all of your technical questions.  You  can learn all about SYNC including how to: set up your phone, learn   voice commands, play music, get a vehicle health report, and find answers   that will keep you connected.
>How do I Reserve  Time with a SYNC Specialist & What Should I Bring With Me?
You can reserve time with a SYNC specialist right now!  Click here to make a reservation.

When you come to your SYNC appointment, you  should  bring your:

  • Bluetooth capable mobile  device
  • Any other Bluetooth capable device(s)  you would like to connect
  • SYNC MyRide User ID and password (don't worry if you haven't set  up a  SYNC MyRide account... our specialist can do this for you)

Is My Phone Even  Compatible?

Click here  for  phone compatibility details. Do   not worry if your phone does not appear in the list above. If your phone  is Bluetooth compatible, chances are it will pair with SYNC. Go to for even more information.

What Do I Do When I Arrive?

When you arrive  to our Service Department, a SYNC specialist will greet  you and get  started teaching you right away! The amount of time spent learning   from a SYNC specialist is completely up to you  (although appointments usually last  approximately 15 minutes).
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