Dorian Kids Club: Games for the Road

Dorian Kids Club Games for the Road

Automobile 21...

Ages 5-8
Players need the ability to count and recognize numbers

In this game, children must find the numbers 1 to 21, in that order, on the license plates of passing cars! Each vehicle license plate can be used by only one player, and players can use only one number from each vehicle license plate. When a player spots a number, he or she must shout it out! The first person to get to 21 wins!!



For older kids, add a slight twist to the rules

Participants can add up the numbers on the vehicle license plates to get a different number. For example, if you pass a vehicle license plate that reads G8B12 - besides claiming 8, 1, or 2 - your child can shout 11 (8 +1 +2) or 20 (8 + 12). 

3+0+9+1 = #13

Geo Word Game!

Here is a fun word game that uses the names of places. It does not take more than a good memory for geography, but beware! the longer you play, the harder the game gets. The rules are simple. Player one starts by saying the name of a place: store, town, city, state, country, etc. Each player in turn then has to think of a place that begins with the last letter of the previous place. 


Example: player one might start with Michigan. Player two could then respond with Nevada, player three Alabama, player four Arkansas, back to player one with South Dakota, and so on. 


Keep playing until someone gets stumped!If this game is a hit, try it with other categories as well. Food, names, colors, animals, this game is bound to make any waiting time fly by!

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