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Dorian Quick Lane Proudly Offers...
Visit Dorian Quick Lane for our selection of the 13 major tire brands! Our expert trained staff is ready to answer all of your questions about what right tires fit your needs.
BF Goodrich tires Bridgestone tires Continental Tires

About BFGoodrich


BFGoodrich  tires are focused on capability and performance.  Whether on or off road, BFGoodrich tires will  allow you to control your driving experience  through extreme grip, toughness, and reliability.

About Bridgestone


Bridgestone  was created with the mission to Serv[e] Society  with Superior Quality.

About Continental


Continental  tires have impressive stopping grip across the  board along with good handling and comfort to  boot. Although the tread life on Continental  tires is not the best, the company mainly focuses  on safety, reducing CO2 emissions, and saving  you money.

Dunlop tires Firestone tires General tires

About Dunlop


Dunlop tires have continued to lead the way  in performance tire manufacturing, developing  numerous breakthroughs. Dunlop tires high-performance  technology optimizes the connection between  driver and road, reflecting the sporty design  of every tire.

About Firestone


Firestone  tires were designed to work hard and drive easy  all while providing a great value to customers.  With many tire options available, Firestone  tires will be with you to keep your vehicle  moving through any situation.

About General


General  tire offers a complete line of quality, ultra-high  performance, passenger, light truck, off-road,  and commercial tires to keep any vehicle you  may be driving moving.

Goodyear Tires Hankook tires Kelly tires

About GoodYear


GoodYear  tires are among the most popular brand of tires  around. The all weather performance of GoodYear  tires makes them suitable for both all-season  and all-terrain needs. GoodYear is devoted to  continuous learning and advancing tire technology,  delivering only the benefits that matter to  you.

About Hankook


Hankook  tire was developed with the mission contribute  to advancement in driving. Devoted to promoting  progress in both the company and society by  making driving a safer, more pleasant, and more  comfortable experience has helped grow Hankook  tire into a leader in the global tire business.

About Kelly


Kelly  tire brand was made for practical drivers with  the everyday vehicle. The affordable price of  Kelly tires have made them a popular choice  among drivers looking for A Good Deal On A Great  Tire.

Michelin tires Pirelli tires Uniroyal tires

About Michelin


Michelin  tires are the most innovative out of all of  the tire brands. Although Michelin tires tend  to be a bit pricey, they have a high value when  factoring in their long tread life. To sweeten  the deal, all Michelin replacement tires have  tread wear warranties.

About Pirelli


Fast,  dynamic and energy efficient; Pirelli tires  are designed for safety and maximum traction  in all driving conditions. Pirelli is a world  leader in performance tires, and doesn't fall  too far behind with their all-season models.

About Uniroyal


Providing  the everyday driver with the perfect combination  of dependability, performance and price, Uniroyal  tires were designed for the practical drivers  who want to get where they are going safely  and in almost every weather condition.


About Yokohama


As  a leader in technology and innovation, Yokohama  Tire Corporation has asserted world-class technologies  in the design and manufacturing of tires. The  benefits are easily recognizable by the performance  of Yokohama tires.




Tire brands include: BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Firestone, General Tire, Goodyear, Hankook, Kelly, Michelin, Pirelli, Uniroyal & Yokohama. The Dorian Quick Lane is committed to helping you! We service all make and model  vehicles including, but not limited to: Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, MINI, Nissan, Pontiac, Ram, Saturn, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, and Volkswagen. Only at your local Clinton Township Quick  Lane.
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